‘More Like A Security Pen’: Fox News Host Invokes His ‘Farm Community' Background to Argue Immigrant Kids Aren't Kept in ‘Cages'

These children aren't being treated like animals, they're just reminding this Fox News host of his "farm community" background.

Steve Doocy and children in cages

Fox News host Steve Doocy on Monday took up the Trump Administration’s semantic battle against critics of the president’s “zero tolerance” policy, explaining why the “wire-mesh, chain linked cages” undocumented children are being kept in are, in fact, not cages at all.

The “zero tolerance” policy, implemented in May by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has resulted in the forced separation of parents and children entering the United States without visas.

The move has sparked outcry among Democrats and anti-Trump conservatives, while Republicans who support the president seem reluctant to publicly condemn the move.

Speaking on Fox & Friends with White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley, Doocy said he thinks the controversy is a “collision of policy and politics,” before explaining why the descriptor of “cages” is inaccurate.

“Let’s talk about the human part,” Doocy offered. “… We got, from the Border Patrol, some of these images inside these detention facilities. Some have likened them to concentration camps, some refer to them as cages, and I can understand that point of view. Look, I’m from a farm community. I see the chain-link fences, it’s more like a security pen to me.”

Still, Doocy admitted, the images are “stark.”

Doocy’s argument echoes a statement from Border Patrol, who told CBS Gayle King the agency is “very uncomfortable” with the use of the word “cages.”

“They said it’s not inaccurate, but they’re very uncomfortable with using the word cages,” King said. “They said they may be cages, but they’re not being treated like animals.”

Watch below:

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