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CNN's Anderson Cooper Reveals Trump's Almost Complete Inability to Apologize

"All common sense and common decency are ignored."

Photo Credit: CNN

CNN's Anderson Cooper reported Monday night on the continued controversy surrounding the White House's response to one of its staffers jokingly discounting Sen. John McCain's opinion because "he's dying anyway." The White House has yet to apologize for this comment and has instead criticized the fact that the remarks leaked at all.

As Cooper pointed out on the opening of his show "Anderson Cooper 360," Trump's history suggests that he's not a big fan of apologizing — at least not when he has to do it. 

"The White House has obviously been instructed not to apologize for something it clearly should just apologize for and move one," Cooper said. "And now the president's staff and supporters are just running around throwing smoke screens."

He continued: "And, don't forget, this is a president who not only has insulted McCain himself but as we all found out during the campaign doesn't ever want to apologize for anything."

On the topic of the White House staffer's comments themselves, Cooper said: "All common sense and common decency are ignored."

Cooper then played a clip of multiple statements from Trump during the campaign during which he expressed utter disinterest in ever apologizing — largely, it seems, because he thinks he does nothing wrong. There is one exception, though: He apologized after the release of the Access Hollywood tape, which showed him boasting about kissing women and grabbing them by their genitals without their consent.

Watch the clip below:

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