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CNN's Anderson Cooper Tears Apart the Trump Admin.'s Avalanche of Lies About the Cruel Family Separation Policy

The administration has continues to mislead the public about what it's doing.

Photo Credit: CNN

President Donald Trump's administration can't stop lying about its policy of separating immigrant kids from their parents.

CNN's Anderson Cooper on Tuesday addressed several of the lies officials have been telling about the policy, beginning with Attorney General Jeff Sessions' claims that the Justice Department and the rest of the administration "never really intended" to take kids away from their parents.

"Actually, they did," Cooper said. "They really did intend that." He then played a clip from before the there was a backlash to the policy, in which Sessions explicitly says the policy would end up separating kids and parents as they cross the border. Indeed, many journalists wrote at the time that this was the policy the administration was announcing.

Cooper also noted that Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said that it would be easy for parents to find the kids they have been separated from — even though there have been dozens of reports of parents struggling to find their kids. And yet, even with this supposedly easy tracking system, the department itself had hazy numbers about the number of kids it's responsible for.

"By late last week, though, Secretary Azar was saying HHS didn't even have an exact count of how many children in had in custody," Cooper said. "Somewhere below 3,000, he said. An estimate — about children, we're talking."

Cooper continued: "He did say that HHS would meet all the deadlines where this now-unspecified number of children was concerned, and that wasn't true either. But he said it anyway. And the way he said it made it sound that the real problem law with the court order, not the administration failing to have a plan for living up to it."

Watch the clip below:

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