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'I Kill Motherf*ckers': Chicago Police Officer Caught on Video Taunting Black Men

The cop is now under investigation.

Photo Credit: Tia Ewing

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability opened an investigation after a police officer in Chicago was caught on camera violently taunting black men.

"I kill motherf*ckers," the unnamed officer said from his unmarked vehicle before threatening to arrest them for "walking illegally" on the road. He denied making the remark about killing people shortly after making the comment on camera.

The officer later exited his vehicle and pursued the men, saying, "Illinois is a two-party consent state and I don’t consent to you recording me.”

He eventually tried to swipe the phone recording the interaction.

Watch the disturbing footage below.

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Chris Sosa is the former Senior Editor of AlterNet. His work also appears in Mic, Salon, Care2, Huffington Post and other publications. Follow him on Twitter @ChrisSosa.