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‘Lock Her Up Has a New Meaning': Nicolle Wallace Laughs About Manafort's Conviction and the Cohen Guilty Plea

The president clearly didn't hire the best and the brightest.

Photo Credit: MSNBC

Conservative MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace didn't even hide her joy as news continued to break about President Donald Trump's former fixer Michael Cohen's guilty plea and former campaign chair Paul Manafort's conviction.

“This is huge news. And it’s not a good day for the Trump administration when you put this combined with [Michael] Flynn delaying his sentencing, and then [Paul] Manafort,” former DNC advisor Doug Thornell said.

“It calls into question the best and the brightest claim that this president made that he was going to be bringing in the best and the brightest to the administration. He also ran as a law and order president,” he continued.

Wallace was ready with a zinger.

“‘Lock her up’ has a new meaning,” Wallace said. “They’re locking up the entire former leadership of the Trump orbit from the campaign years.”

Watch the clip below:

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