Special Counsel Robert Mueller Preparing to Start Handing Down Indictments: Report

“With the election over, Mueller will be back into action."

Photo Credit: The White House

Democrats edged out Republicans in the House of Representatives after Tuesday’s midterms, an outcome that might serve to blunt some of President Donald Trump’s policies.

With the midterms over, there’s another significant development coming up: Special Counsel Robert Mueller will probably start issuing indictments in the Russia investigation, Bloomberg reports.

Bloomberg notes that the special prosecutor was likely following procedure by not handing down indictments linked to politics in the 60 days ahead of the election.

The only info to emerge about the investigation is connected to Roger Stone and WikiLeaks, suggesting that may have leaked from Stone rather than the Justice Department.

“With the election over, Mueller will be back into action. His team will likely have more indictments to make," Bloomberg notes.

It’s not clear whether Mueller will guide Congress to seek impeachment based on his findings. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has stated that even with a majority in the house Democrats will not seek impeachment.

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Tana Ganeva is a reporter covering criminal justice, drug policy and homelessness. Follow her on Twitter @TanaGaneva.